Revo Uninstaller

I want to suggest everyone to get Revo Uninstaller because it totally removes a software. Most famous tech magazines suggest to use Revo uninstaller program rather than the stock uninstaller. The variety of options that Revo uninstaller tool gives you makes it beneficial for most home workstations and laptops. Refer to our easy uninstallation tutorial using Revo uninstaller . Just nip over to download for the best guidelines.

SugarSync Free

SugarSync is an powerful freeware tool which lets you store data on internet, it presents automatic sync option. Its a cross-platform backup application that grants 2GB zero cost online space. It's very good they SugarSync has all those options at zero cost. For a start you would need to launch the installation and after this you are able to select the directories that need backup and synchronization. SugarSync offers painless usage, the background process syncs folders whenever the workstation is online. SugarSync is not just a bare synching soft but it doubles up as a backup app.


Did you forget the basic CD burner applications that were used to only write CD's and not rip audio discs and movies? A cd cd writing program such as CDBurnerXP reminds me a pleasing memory from the old times. One can use CDBurnerXP to create movie and music discs, it is also possible to burn images like bin and iso. You should try out this simple CD writing utility because it's a 6.5MB download.

ccleaner short cut
Could I ignore CCleaner? This is an obvious choice. No other personal computer cleaning program that can remove useless files like the CCleaner. No one can negate the fantastic efficiency of CCleaner program. CCleaner application is a free software but fortunately the programmers update the program regularly.

Avast! Antivirus
avast antivirus update
There are not many freely available Anti-virus software that show results better than most paid antiviruses. Using Avast's zero-cost home edition you can relax knowing that your home pc will be secure from malicious software. Regular updates are installed each day, these save your personal pc from harmful viruses, spywares and malwares.


Ninite is a simple solution for seeking and installing tools . You can install many tools with this tool. The list of different utilities that Ninite provides is quite large. In near future you would be able to read my easy installation article about batch installations using Ninite utility.

Dropbox or Syncback SE

Making a backup of vital data have to be a priority since it's very problematic to get back lost data after a hard drive crash. All users should try using backup soft such as Dropbox and a tool known as Syncback SE that offers offline synchronization and backup. Utilising any one software or creating backups by making use of both is completely your choice. I personally use an usb hdd for daily backup of my data and I use Dropbox for making backup of smaller data.


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